Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP
Wall clock stitching STRAP

Wall clock stitching STRAP


Choose a color by yourself! The time has come much more cozy realít new clock. 3D large wall clock is a beautiful decoration of your interior. You'll never be late.

12S036 HEU--

Product information

Widest range of hours in different colors for perfect wall. Elegant adhesive hours. Wall clock on the wall are equipped with quality machines for rechargeable battery AA 1.5 V, which is characterized by low noise. Container movements and hands of the clock are made of solid steel, which are simply mounted to the wall. Installation is very simple and will become a hobby Zienka each household. The rest of the components in the form of numbers sufficient to stick to the wall, because they are provided on the inside surface of the adhesive, adhesive tape. Modern clock model can beautify the kitchen in your home or office, but also other areas that originally Complements your unique home.

Dimensions of the label: 800 x 800 mm also zoom up to 1300 x 1300 mm. Dimensions of the movement: 100 x 100 mm length-wise: 30-40 cm.

Already reached us new beautiful hours in different colors. Due to the simplicity of application, unique design and smooth removal of the wall are very popular. And you'll never miss. Wall clock enrich your space.

Technical informations.
* 3D clocks, wall clocks, change your view of time.
* Material: Acrylic, Pena
* Color: Colorless, Colour
* Hours Movement: Quartz
* Specified batteries: Voltage 1x AA 1.5 volt battery
* Number of batteries: 1 x, batteries not included
* Batteries Included: No
* Dimensions stickers maximum: 1300 x 1300 mm
* Thickness: 0.6 to 8 mm
* Finish: Mirror, Acrylic, Foil, Paint
* Color Image can distort reality wall clocks shade
* Custom. Processing takes up to 10 days.


Choice of colors according to RAL samples. F Production takes 7 calendar days from ordering. In order to type a note. A detailed description of what you want to change. Custom piece production. Pattern: Please change the color model numbers RAL1007 color and movement and hands left in its original state, or ....
Motip RAL color chart.

color wall clock

Instructions for use / instrukcion wall clock

instrukcion wall clock


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