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Nalepovacie nástenné hodiny pokoja SKLO

Nástenné hodiny domček dom Stylesa 34x34 cm IA140


Veľké nástenné hodiny - moderné 3D nalepovacie hodiny na stenu. Nástenné hodiny do kuchyne i nástenné hodiny do obývačky! 

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Informácie o výrobku

Wall clock are equipped with quality machines for AA 1.5V battery pack, which is characterized by perfect silence. Case movements and hands are made of polished steel that are virtually attached to the wall. Installation is very simple. The rest of the components in the form of numbers sufficient to stick to the wall, because they are provided on the inside surface of the adhesive. This model fits into the living room, or office, but also in other areas, which originally oživia.Rozmery labels: 1000 x 1000 mm ability to scale up to 1300 x 1300 mM. Dimensions of the movement: 120 x 120 mm length-wise: 30-40 cm. Our market is a novelty, but which is already popular abroad thanks to the ease of application, a unique design and uncomplicated removal, after which the wall will not stay any consequences.

Format: Cheap akylatové foil, cardboard cheap

About Matt tvdená foam
OK Matt hardened foam more resistant glue, powerful superior silent motor, super finish
B black acrylic mirror
BK black acrylic glass hardened, durable adhesive, powerful superior Smooth Autofocus Motor, gold finish
S Silver finish
SK Silver finish, resistant glue, Smooth Autofocus Motor, silver finish
G gold version
GK Golden finish, durable adhesive, powerful motor, gold finish

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